Technology and globalisation are ushering an era of unprecedented change. Business and nation have to respond innovatively to these developments to continue their growth. As the need for emerging technology of today's world Govt Arts College, Chidambaram has incorporated an EDC for the budding entrepreneurs on February 2015.

The EDC is being promoted in educational institutions to develop institutional mechanism to create. The cell works to prepare a pool of next generation entrepreneurs who, through their dreams and action, would contribute to the economic and social development of the nation. The EDC redefines the role of the youth to make them more independent. At the same time, the cell also concentrates on the rural fronts so as to develop the potential of the rural youth and revamp their to additional mind set.

Thus the EDC empowers the students with entrepreneurial skills. The placement all organises and extends services towards collaborative placement activities. The cell conducts training activities for the final year students mainly focusing on career planning, personality development, and campus placement.